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Upcoming Events for February/March!

Bring in your pups for Kiss your K9 in our kissing booth, February 10th through the 14th! Photos will be featured on our website and Facebook page. In March we will be selling raffle tickets for a pet themed Easter Basket! Proceeds will go towards the West Allis Police Department's K9 Program. Stay tuned in or stop by for further details!

January Healthy Bites

It's the new year! It is a cold start, too. Make sure to check on December's healthy bites for some tips on cold weather. Around this time of year is when dogs start to blow their coats, and it is imperative that you brush your dog weekly! Snow helps form mats, and if they are not corrected soon enough the only option is to have your dog shaved down. Brush your dog weekly, and if you have a breed that is a heavy shedder, even more frequently. You'll thank yourself, and your dog will too! And you might save a couple bucks on your next groom, as it will be much less work for us. Happy New Year!!!!!!


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