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Gift Certificates...

Gift Certificates is a great gift for Mother's Day coming up on May 12th. Stop by the shop to pick one up!

April Healthy Bites

The snow is gone (hopefully for good!) and spring seems like it's finally taking over. Before you break out the cleaning supplies and gardening tools, read on to make sure you are keeping your pets healthy and safe! 1. CLEANING PRODUCTS Many cleaning products (both conventional and natural ones) are harmful to pets if injested. Make sure to keep these stored away where they can't get to them. 2. LAWNS Fertilizers make our lawns look beautiful but can be very dangerous to our pets if ingested! As with the cleaning supplies, make sure to read the label and store properly. 3. GARDENS Check out this list of toxic plants and foods for dogs and make sure to avoid planting these! 4. ALLERGIES Pets


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