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Healthy Bites July

Wow! This July heat has got us soaking up the sun! Whether your dog likes to lay in the grass all day or enjoys the air conditioned living room, here are some tips for keeping your pet cool, calm, healthy and happy in this summer heat.

If your dog has a long or thick coat, chances are they are more sensitive to the heat. This goes for short-snouted dogs too because of their shorter nasal passages!

Although these tips can be applied to any dog who is in need of a good cool down, be sure to scroll down to read signs of heat exhaustion (in which case a trip to the vet is in order).


- lay a wet towel down for them to lay on

- fill up a kiddie pool

- create shade if there isn't any with a tarp, blanket, or umbrella

- bring a water dish on walks

- avoid walking on blacktop

- early morning exercise is best before the sun is directly overhead


-raised temperature (101.5F is normal)

-rapid breathing and panting

-lots of thick drool


-muscle tremors