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Can’t Pay for Your Pet’s Care? These 12 Programs Can Help

Lately, on Facebook, I have seen posts asking for help finding a vet who is "reasonable", "takes installment payments" or does procedures at little or no cost. It's a sign of the times. It's not always easy when our furry family member needs a doctor.

I found this article at by Kristina Lotz. Here are 12 programs that may help.


We all want the best for our pets, but life sometimes gets in the way. When there is a sudden illness or accident, it can leave us facing large vet bills we weren’t expecting. A job loss can make it hard to feed ourselves and our beloved pets, and having to move can leave you wondering how you’re going to take your pets with you. Luckily, there are resources out there to help you through hard times. So if you’re can’t pay for your pet’s care, here are 12 amazing programs that can help!

#1 – IMOM

This all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity helps people cover vet bills when they just can’t do it themselves. Also, they can help with spay/neutering and have a staff on hand to answer questions or get you the resources you need for any issues with your pet.

#2 – is a free crowdfunding site that focuses on raising money for people who need it for personal reasons – everything from education to pet expenses. Each month, they have over 2,000 crowdfunding campaigns for people needing help with pet care costs. Recently, Cheryl Dohn raised more than $8,000 on her campaign (goal was only $2,500) to help her dog Roxy Mama.

#3 – RedRover has grants for people who need financial support. This can be for an animal you rescued (and are fostering) or your own pet. They also have a program that helps with disaster relief, criminal seizures and hoarding cases.

#4 – Harley’s Hope Foundation

This nonprofit’s mission is to ensure low income pet parents and their companion or service animals remain together when issues arise. Some of the services they offer include: Pet Assistance Fund, Service Animal Aid Fund, Senior Services Project and Medical. More can be found on their website.

#5 – ASPCA

The ASPCA has two programs in New York City: Spay Neuter Operations and Cruelty Intervention Advocacy, which helps those facing relinquishment. In Los Angeles, they have a free spay/neuter clinic. They not only have their own programs, but can also connect you to different resources.

#6 – Breed Specific

Many breed rescues and groups have specials funds available for owners who need financial assistance. A few examples are the Special Needs Dobermans, Labrador Lifeline, and Pitbull Rescue Central.

#7 – Brown Dog Foundation

After going through the experience of not being able to care for her dog with cancer, Carol Smock (along with six others), started Brown Dog Foundation to help others avoid the situation Smock found herself in back in 2006. It’s a public charity “that provides funding to families who find themselves in similar situations – a sick pet that would likely respond to treatment, but due to an unforseen circumstances, there is not enough money immediately available to make it happen.”

#8- Disease Specific

Another route is to look for groups that help with specific diseases. For example, Canine Cancer Awareness, The Magic Bullet Fund, Helping Harley Fund, and Muffin Diabetes Fund.

#9 – The Pet Fund

The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to owners whose pets need veterinary care. In addition to their own programs, they have a lot of resources on their site, including links to many area and/or group specific programs that may fit your needs.

#10 – Banfield Charitable Trust

The Banfield Pet Hospital has its own programs for owners that can’t afford their pet’s care. Of course they cover emergency surgeries, but they also cover routine, preventative care.

#11 – Meals on Wheels

Many people do not realize that Meals on Wheels also helps people feed their pets. Sponsored by Banfield Pet Hostpital, the Meals on Wheels Pet Program was created to make sure seniors were able to provide food for their pets.

#12 – The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

Another privately run nonprofit started in memory of the founder’s dogs, this foundation has a host of programs including helping people with pet medical bills. They also donate to many other programs, including cancer research. They’re also a good resource for information if you need help finding a grant that fits your situation.


For more information and links... here is the original article site.